White Noise. Bela Lugosi is dead
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Film Programme
This film programme explores relevant metamorphosis in the images produced around the figure of the vampire during the first years of the 70’s, presenting works from important filmmakers such as Pere Portabella, Paul Morrissey (with Andy Warhol), Harry Kümel and Jess Franco, in between the experimental, the documentary and the horror film. At the beginning of each session is screened a short film from Peter Tscherkassky, an Austrian filmmaker that works mainly with found footage edited manually in a darkroom, instead of the normally used digital process, questioning the representation in cinema and creating unconventional narrative forms.

06.07 | 20h00
Peter Tscherkassky, L'arrivée, 1997/1998, 2' 30''
Pere Portabella, Vampir-Cuadecuc, 1970, 66'

08.07 | 20h00
Peter Tscherkassky, Outer Space,1999, 9' 58''
Paul Morrissey, Blood for Dracula, 1974, 103'

13.07 | 20h00
Peter Tscherkassky, Dream Work, 2001, 10' 39''
Harry Kümel, Les lèvres rouges, 1971, 100'

15.07 | 20h00
Peter Tscherkassky, Manufraktur, 1985, 2' 54''
Jess Franco, Vampyros Lesbos, 1970, 89'

Free admission.

Rua de Arroios, 22-A
1100-094 Lisboa
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