White Noise. Regressos Inesperados
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Sessões Contínuas: Regressos Inesperados
Edifício Guilherme Cossoul, Sala Raul Solnado
On the 10th of June, a day of patriotic certainties, the White Noise collective offers a new series of continuous sessions, summoning the dead and illuminating the “sebastianic” fog to welcome eventually unwanted presences that may return in order to correct directions and adjust myths and unfinished narratives.

We start with "Symptoms" (1974), a movie with an apparent supernatural trait, in which a disturbed woman dreams with the return of her lover. The Spanish José Ramón Larraz directed this gem in the United Kingdom, where he was settled, with a local team of technicians and actors, in a moment where the dominance of the iconic producer Hammer in the British horror was coming to an end. This is an atmospheric movie, one of the most self-controlled of the director, that accompanies the current that renewed the British gothic heritage during the 70’s, having been selected for the Cannes Film Festival as a representative of the country.

The bridge for the next feature film will be established by "Keshigomu" (The Eraser, 1977), directed by Shuji Terayama, an experimental short that makes a good connection with the idea of an infinite wait for the one who never comes back. Do the Japanese understand the Dom Sebastião myth, after all?

One of the most upstanding horror movies produced by a Japanese studio ends this programme. With "Kaibyô nori no numa" (Bakeneko: A Vengeful Spirit, 1968), director Yoshihiro Ishikawa resumes the tradition of the ghost cat to perform a powerful exercise where nothing is what it seems and where the curse is, above all, psychological.

As the night goes on, we continue with the conviviality, which is characteristic of these sessions, between the library and the bar, drinks and cigarettes.

07:00 PM - 08:35 PM Symptoms (José Ramón Larraz, 1974)

08:35 PM - 09:00 PM
Keshigomu (The Eraser, Shûji Terayama, 1977)

09:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Kaibyô nori no numa (Bakeneko: A Vengeful Spirit, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, 1968)

Edifício Guilherme Cossoul
Sala Raul Solnado
Av. D. Carlos I, 61 - 1
1200-647 Lisboa

The programme is intended for educational purposes only and the admission is free of charge.

All the movies are displayed in the original version with English subtitles. Between the two feature films there will be a short commercial break of about three minutes, which also links the present with the past.

For more information, please go to the event page at Facebook.

Production: White Noise
Support: À pala de Walsh, Galeria Germinal, S.i.Guilherme Cossoul
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