White Noise. About us
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White Noise is a programming and discussion cinema project born from a shared will between Carlos Alberto Carrilho, Sabrina Marques and Miguel Patricio against the general lack, in Portugal, of film programmes that are extreme and come from a deep sense of risk. The main goal of White Noise is to explore the best, the sickest and the most hidden cinema. The project is open to external collaborations with artists, directors, programmers, institutions and festivals, from Portugal and abroad.
Founded in 2015, White Noise has presented programmes for educational purposes with films by Jess Franco, Hans Namuth, Harry Kümel, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Lucio Fulci, Paul McCarthy, Paul Morrissey/Andy Wharol, Pere Portabella, Peter Tscherkassky, Kij┼ź Yoshida and Walerian Borowczyk; the lecture “Please Suck My Blood: The Dark Loves of Christopher Lee” by Stéphane du Mesnildot (in collaboration with MOTELx); and organised the fanzine ’think thin think fat’ (with André Trindade).
Carlos Alberto Carrilho studied economics and fine arts and, currently, works at Maumaus, an independent art platform based in Lisbon that promotes the production and dissemination of knowledge on contemporary art-related subjects - organizing a Study Programme, an Artist’s Residency Programme and the exhibition space Lumiar Cité - where he collaborated in the production of books, films and exhibitions by Harun Farocki, Allan Sekula, Manthia Diawara, Renée Green, Gabriel Abrantes, Heimo Zobernig, Pedro Barateiro and Ângela Ferreira, among many others. He also works as a visual artist and writes about horror films at blogs and sites. —- — — there's something out there
Sabrina D. Marques studied Cinema and graduated in Sciences of Communication. She did her post-graduated studies in Philosophy and Contemporary Arts. For her thesis, she investigated the relationship between cinema and iconography. Since 2009, she has been writing on cinema for various publications, sites and blogs: À Pala de Walsh, La Furia Umana, Undercurrent, LUMIÈRE and Masters of Cinema, among others. After a period working with books at Cinemateca Portuguesa, researching and then teaching visual arts, she recently started working as a film producer at OPTEC, in Lisbon. Among others, this company produces the very particular director Pedro Costa, whose distinct approach to cinema inspired her own personal believes in a more familiar way of making films, personally relating to everybody involved in the process. —- — —- Czaradox
Miguel Patrício took a bachelor's degree in Philosophy at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he is currently taking a master's degree in cinema. Since 2007, he writes about Japanese cinema. His articles can be read online, mainly at "Último Filme no Universo", his own blog about the last films he watched. Over the past years, his articles were published in other online pages and international publications such as "Kiju Yoshida: El cine como destruccíon”, published by the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, and he conducted lectures on cinema at such venues as CAAA, Guimarães, where he talked about cinema aesthetics of the 60's in the japanese context. — — —- Nihon Cine Art
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